Multicrab Scaffolding

Noeud_Crab_clavet_flechMulticrab is a multilevel, multidirectional scaffolding system.
It is equipped with the Crab system, comprising a self-locking wedge key which grips a clamp.
Once a ledger comes into contact with a clamp, the wedge pivots automatically to form an instant connection.
A single blow to the wedge ensures the strength of the connection.
When wedging is carried out along the main axes, it is guaranteed that the ledgers will be connected at right angles.
A ledger may also be installed in any direction, without any dead angles.
The Crab knot can be used to fit 8 components simultaneously: 4 ledgers and 4 diagonals.

Multicrab can be used for any application.
It includes a host of accessories for safe erection and dismantling and adapts to every situation.
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