Hélicrab : technical manuel

E C H A F A U D A G E S Ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s 2 Hélicrab: spiral worksite staircase General 2 The components 3 Erection and dismantling using safe erection guard rail 4 Types of landing 6 Serving several levels 7 Configurations 8 Lifting 9 Specifications and load capacity 10 Packing and transport 11 Hélicrab worksite staircases are based on a four standard Multicrab tower. They can be freestanding or erected as part of a scaffold and are ideal for use in tight spaces where the small footprint (1.5 m x 1.5 m) makes them easy to install. There are three main lightweight components which can be easily stacked by hand, without using lifting equipment, and two special components for collective protection during erection. No bolts are required. They are 100% compatible with the Crab system to provide almost unlimited combinations of safe and convenient entries and exits at any height at intervals of 0.50 m. The safe erection guard rails and erection trapdoor are fitted as the staircase is erected to provide collective security during erection and dismantling. Regulations Hélicrab is scaffolding and, as such, the erection, dismantling, modification and use of Hélicrab staircases are subject to all regulations applying to scaffolds. Erectors, inspectors and workers must conform to: - Decree 2004 – 924 of 1 September 2004 and circular DRT 2005/8 of 27 June 2005 for training for and design, erection, modification, inspection, use and dismantling of scaffolds. - Order of 21 December 2004  for inspection of scaffolds. - CNAMTS Recommendation R 408 for erection, dismantling and use of scaffolds resting on the ground. Go to www.entrepose-echafaudages.com to browse the Crab system manual Hélicrab is part of the CRAB system. The CRAB system manual should be considered to be an inseparable part of this manual and must be used as a reference for any Hélicrab application. Hélicrab is designed for safe erection inside a Multicrab tower QR code for accessing the online manual Safe erection guardrail The safe erection guardrail is used for both erection and normal use. It is fitted from the level below to provide collective protection for the level above. Locking the guardrail